Allen West Explains Why ‘Big Government’ Jeb Bush is Wrong For 2016

Former Florida Rep. Allen West recently joined Fox News host Sean Hannity to discuss former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s most recent steps toward declaring himself a contender in the 2016 presidential race.

Despite their shared home state and political party, West was anything but enthusiastic when considering the implications of Bush’s candidacy.

“I think when you look at, by the time we get to 2016, we’re going to have a country that’s $20 trillion in debt. We’re going to have a massive bureaucratic administrative regulatory state; and the last thing we need to see is a big government progressive Republican running against a bigger government progressive socialist Democrat.”

He continued by insisting that the Republican nominee must be able to clearly express a plan to “turn around the fundamental transformation of America,” noting Bush’s positions on issues including immigration and education present serious challenges for him.

Hannity also spoke to political analysts Larry Sabato and Pat Caddell about Bush’s announcement and the likely crop of competitors he would face as a candidate. Both men cited the fact that Bush is seen as an establishment candidate in a race that will likely be defined by political outsiders with strong conservative positions.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Allen West


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