Democrat Lawmaker Claims Ben Carson Relies on ‘Lynch Mob’ Support

hank johnson

In a recent interview with radio host and former Republican Michael Smerconish, a Georgia legislator weighed in on his disdain toward prominent black conservative Dr. Ben Carson.

Rep. Hank Johnson claimed that the retired neurosurgeon and rising star within the GOP relies on ignorant Obama-haters for his political success.

“When we have blacks like that trying to tape into the ignorance of people who have been whipped into a frenzy, like a lynch mob, and you go to try to garner support from these folks, I think it’s very disappointing that we would have that kind of political discourse going on in this country.”

Johnson also shared his view that Barack Obama – “one of the greatest presidents that we have had in the history of this nation” – has faced “nothing but opposition and confrontation and actual, personal dehumanization” since taking office in 2009.

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2 thoughts on “Democrat Lawmaker Claims Ben Carson Relies on ‘Lynch Mob’ Support

  1. no rep smerconish is disappointing when we have an ineligible treasonous war crimes racist traiitor in the wh,who has never been vetted and can,t be verified.has a wh internet live birth form which is a computor generated{layered forgery}and a ss# thhat belongs to a dead 119 yr old connecticut person,and has all his records hidden/sealed and spends millions a dollars to keep his history/records hidden/sealed.and ignored a geoegia supreme court subpoena.and sent addtionally throops to afganistan without congress approval.and never sent arescue attempt for 4 americans in bengazi,and only the president can give the stand down order.and his father was born in kenyan,and multiple scandals,thats whats very disappointing

  2. Cute but a false statement. If this Smerconish really believed that, he’d have kept his Black mouth shut out of fear of that very lynchmob and his ending up as strange fruit.

    All this is is Smerconish trying to rile up the Negroes into his own sort of lynchmob, which is far worse since, as we’re forced to repeatedly see, the Blacks will actually going on violent rampages for any or no reason at all.

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