Austin Police Chief: We Want to Know Who the ‘Gun Enthusiasts’ Are


Following a tense standoff with a lone gunman last week, Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo shared his advice for preventing future threats. Judging from the response to his recent statements, it appears the lawman is at odds with a large portion of gun rights advocates in his city and beyond.

He advised Austin residents to let police know about anyone “who’s a gun enthusiast or is armed with these types of firearms” and who demonstrate “any type of propensity for hatred.”

Acevedo attempted to mitigate any fallout by acknowledging that turning over gun owners to the police “doesn’t mean that we’re going to take them to jail,” revealing only that authorities “might want to vet these people.”

Nevertheless, outraged critics were quick to point out the potential for abuse inherent in the pursuit of his instruction.


One thought on “Austin Police Chief: We Want to Know Who the ‘Gun Enthusiasts’ Are

  1. For those NOT from Texas, the city of AUSTIN is the cross that Texas has to bear evidently. This ONE city is chalk full of liberal slag, most went to school there, and then decided to stay after school was out. (Shows how insecure liberals are). While we let them stay, and normally pay them no attention, the sore from the thorn that they are has begun to smart a little, and so the rest of Texas is starting to think about what to do with this little community of idiots it has allowed to fester in the skin.

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