Louisiana Teacher Reprimanded For Criticizing Common Core

Facebook/Stop Common Core in Illinois

While teachers unions ensure it can be difficult to properly punish sexually or physically abusive educators, there is apparently at least one act that can result in swift discipline. After complaining online about the increasingly unpopular federal education standards known as Common Core, one Louisiana teacher said that she was promptly written up by school administrators.

Whether critical of overly complicated math equations or the obvious leftist slant of course material, the curriculum is a source of consistent debate across the country. The targeted teacher asserts that she has a right to be a part of that conversation.

“This is a hot national debate. Why can’t I comment? I did not say a word about anything locally.”

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who recently filed a lawsuit claiming the Department of Education is violating the Tenth Amendment by pushing Common Core onto the states, spoke out in the teacher’s defense.

“This is outrageous. Teachers are now being chastised for speaking out against Common Core. Teachers have problems with Common Core – and we should be listening to them.”

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Facebook/Stop Common Core in Illinois


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