Think Everyone is Keeping up with the Ebola Scare? These Tweets Will Change Your Mind.

Screenshot 2014-10-04 at 7.07.16 PM

After an African outbreak that recently spread to the U.S., media outlets are spending a lot of time issuing updates and warnings about the Ebola virus. It is obvious from the remarks being made on Twitter, however, that a significant portion of the population remains blissfully ignorant.

Many users apparently believe some person named Ebola is at the center of all the attention…

…even if they can’t even agree on which gender to assign.

The answers are often even more disheartening…

…although it is clear at least a few are joking.

The fact that it is so difficult to distinguish the serious posts from the tongue-in-cheek is a sad testament to the disengaged culture so prevalent in today’s America.

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