Allen West Dissects Obama’s Claim that America is Better Off under His Regime

Allen West

During a recent 60 Minutes interview, Barack Obama attracted widespread criticism by blaming others – namely intelligence official Jim Clapper – for his inadequate response to a burgeoning Islamic State threat.

It was another remark during the same broadcast, however, that prompted former Republican Rep. Allen West to react. Obama told interviewer Steve Kroft that he believed American are better off than they were prior to his inauguration, a remark West found utterly inconceivable.

In a recent blog post, he stated:

“We are at an all-time low for the workforce participation rate. Poverty has increased and food stamp recipients are up from 31 million to 47 million. Home ownership is down and gas prices are still high compared to the $1.89 when he came into office.”

West focused primarily on economic issues, the subject of a subsequent speech by Obama at Northwestern University, though he also mentioned other failures of the current administration in making his case.

He concluded:

“No B. Hussein, we’re not better off than we were six years ago—and sadly we still have two more years of you. Go ahead and make your speech at Northwestern University, because everyone other than your kool-aid [sic] drinking progressive socialist acolytes ain’t listening to your lies anymore.”

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Allen West


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