Al Gore’s Microphone Malfunction Has Critics Crediting Divine Intervention

Al Gore

Addressing the activist organization Avaaz recently, climate change alarmist Al Gore experienced a serendipitous technical difficulty.

Quoting a passage from the New Testament book of Luke, Gore’s microphone stopped working just as he got to the word ‘hypocrite.’

The timing led many to suggest a heavenly hand played a part in the malfunction, citing the many issues about which the former vice president has exhibited perceived hypocrisy.

Though he preaches a reduced carbon footprint for others, his penchant for extravagant housing and gluttonous energy consumption have been well documented. Furthermore, the father of four was called out as a hypocrite by critics after asserting that population control must be implemented to preserve the world’s natural resources.

Photo Credit: Erik Charlton (Creative Commons)


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