Elizabeth Warren Attracts Leftist Ire by Defending Israel in Recent Statement

Photo Credit: Facebook/Elizabeth Warren

As Israel continues to wait for a shipment of Hellfire missiles detained by the Obama administration, plenty of elected officials call for America’s continued support of the Jewish nation. Much to the chagrin of her supporters, a Democrat beloved by many in the far-left wing of her party is included in that group.

Faced with strong opposition by a number of attendees at a recent public address, Sen. Elizabeth Warren defended her vote to send aid to our strongest Middle Eastern ally.

“I think the vote was right, and I’ll tell you why I think the vote was right. America has a very special relationship with Israel. Israel lives in a very dangerous part of the world and a part of the world where there aren’t many liberal democracies that are controlled by the rule of law.”

Confirming that America needs an ally in the region, she explained that continued support of Israel is in our nation’s best interest.

Her principled stance enraged anti-Israel leftists, many of whom considered her an ideal presidential candidate.

Warren’s run-in with her own party’s base came about two weeks after Hillary Clinton’s comments on the subject garnered a similarly disapproving reaction.


Photo Credit: Facebook/Elizabeth Warren



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