Caught on Camera: Journalist Forced to Stop Filming Michelle Obama during Public Powerwalk

Michelle Obama

As Michelle Obama went for a brisk stroll down a busy street on Martha’s Vineyard recently, a crew of reporters happened to be on the scene on an unrelated assignment. When the cameraman recognized who was walking – alongside several security agents – just across the road, he quickly began filming the unexpected encounter.

Almost immediately at least two members of the first lady’s entourage approached the reporters as one chided the crew for filming a very public person in a very public place.

“Come on,” she said, “really? Come on, really? Come on. Come on.”

After she alleged Obama was “trying to have a private moment,” a man stepped in to bully the crew into turning off the cameras.

At the journalists’ protests, he confirmed that, while filming her is “not illegal,” Secret Service “can restrict your distance to her.

During the interaction, reports indicate Obama herself turned toward the group of reporters to say, “Don’t do that.”

The Obamas, already defined by frequent vacations and a lack of openness toward the media, only gained further scrutiny for an incident that could have easily resulted in some much-needed positive press.


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