Time Magazine Forced to Retract Unfounded Anti-Israel Accusation

Photo Credit: Facebook/TIME

Along with an article proclaiming the relative might of Israel’s army, Time magazine’s website included a video that spread a vicious rumor even its originator has since disavowed.

The clip cited a 2009 report from Sweden that Israel Defense Forces soldiers are guilty of “selling organs of Palestinians who died in their custody.”

A media watchdog site previously debunked the claim, asserting that the reporter responsible for promulgating the claim had “no clue” whether it was true.

“The reference is to a completely made up tabloid-style article in an obscure Swedish paper that even the author admitted was not based on any evidence.”

Time kept an edited version of the video on its site and, at least for a short time, a correction conceding that the allegation previously contained therein has been “contested.”

Photo Credit: Facebook/TIME


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