“You Not a Leader!” Black Protester Ambushes Jesse Jackson at St. Louis McDonald’s

Jesse Jackson

After nearly two weeks of rioting and looting in the St. Louis area, protesters upset over the police shooting that killed Mike Brown are no longer focusing their outrage entirely on local authorities. As race-obsessed instigators like Jesse Jackson converge on the primarily black community of Ferguson, demonstrators are making it clear they are looking for action instead of mere lip service.

A pair of upset men ran up to Jackson’s vehicle to express their concerns as he was leaving a McDonald’s restaurant this week. The entire encounter was captured on a cell phone video by one of the protesters.

The cameraman asked Jackson if he was “here to support us,” indicating he had not seen the civil rights leader take part in any of the local marches. When someone in the vehicle asked him to wait, he was quickly interrupted.

“Ain’t no wait a minute, brother – this is real!”

The protester criticized Jackson for more than a minute, insisting he is “not a leader” and “not even a brother,” asking him why he wasn’t providing legitimate assistance to those in the community.

He said that Jackson was not wanted in St. Louis, concluding he can “keep moving” if he isn’t willing to financially help those who have been arrested during the protest.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr.


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