Labor Unions Shy Away From Endorsing Hillary

Photo Credit: Kai Mörk (Creative Commons)

Citing internal squabbles over preferred Democrats in the 2008 presidential race, AFL-CIO Political Director Mike Podhorzer emphatically denied that Hillary Clinton is getting the organization’s support ahead of the 2016 election cycle.

Explaining that affiliated labor unions were split between Clinton and Barack Obama prior to the latter’s primary win six years ago, he said the federation will wait until much more information is available before revealing its unified endorsement.

In addition to that rationale, Podhorzer indicated that the AFL-CIO is also worried about Clinton’s dedication to big labor’s causes, citing the fact that she has been preoccupied with foreign relations concerns in recent years.

“People want to see where she’ll be on working family issues if she decides to run.”

Another potential reason Clinton has yet to receive a nod of approval from the powerful lobbying organization, however, is that it has its eyes set on another Democrat woman. Reports indicate Sen. Elizabeth Warren received an enthusiastic welcome at a recent event hosted by the AFL-CIO in the nation’s capital.

Podhorzer noted that the Massachusetts politician is known for “embodying the principles” of his organization, acknowledging that he is not “at liberty to talk about” any potential candidates currently on its radar.

Photo Credit: Kai Mörk (Creative Commons)


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