Mexico Responds to Rick Perry’s Deployment of National Guard Troops to the Border

Photo Credit: Facebook/Rick Perry

A month after promising to tackle the immigration crisis with or without the federal government, Texas Gov. Rick Perry followed through last Thursday by deploying about 1,000 National Guard members to his state’s southern border.

Tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors have made the dangerous trek from Central America to the U.S. in recent months and, according to Perry, his firm stance on border security is out of concern for these young illegals in addition to his desire to see the nation’s laws enforced.

Mexico, however, responded to his decision with a letter stating, “in a firm and categorical way, it’s rejection of this measure.”

Not only does the nation’s foreign ministry claim Perry’s move will “not contribute in any way” to border security, the letter asserts that the deployment contradicts claims that the U.S. is interested in establishing a “modern, prosperous and safe border.”

Nevertheless, many social media users applauded Perry’s decisive move in the absence of any discernable action by the Obama administration.

Some even saw a possible parallel between the deployment and Perry’s current legal battle.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Rick Perry


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