Greg Abbott Demands Details about BLM’s Reported Texas Land-Grab

Photo Credit: Facebook/Greg Abbott

Nearly two months after he sent Bureau of Land Management Director Neil Kornze a pointed letter seeking a number of specific answers, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott finally received a response.

Unfortunately, he noted Kornze failed to offer any details regarding the primary subject of the request: reports of a planned federal land-grab affecting about 90,000 acres along the Red River. As a result, the current gubernatorial candidate opted to send the agency head a follow-up letter.

“While I appreciate your response, your letter fails to adequately answer the most important legal questions raised in my April 22 letter and the testimony recently provided by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) only serves to underscore just how important it is that BLM provide answers.”

Abbott went on to cite testimony indicating the property being targeted by the agency was deeded to Texas more than 150 years ago and has been in the possession of ranchers and other landowners for generations.

“Frankly, the BLM appears to be more concerned with expanding its property holdings – at the expense of private landowners – than it does with doing the right thing and recognizing the rights of generations of Texas families who have owned, cultivated, and paid taxes on this land.”

In his most recent draft, Abbott reiterated his demand that Kornze explain what legal basis his agency has for “simply claiming private land as its own.”

Photo Credit: Facebook/Greg Abbott


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