Armed Employees Unite to Defend Stores against Ferguson Looters


Instigated by the shooting death of a black teen by local police, mobs of roving looters took out their frustration on businesses across Ferguson, Mo., this week.

Reports indicate numerous stores were torched, ransacked, or otherwise destroyed by the gangs, which began targeting nearby destinations after a vigil for Mike Brown concluded Sunday. While some shopkeepers resigned themselves to the vicious fate, plenty of employees and owners took decisive action against the encroaching looters.

While it is unclear whether all of the ad hoc security forces – including several men guarding a convenience store – were armed, a number of locals brandished guns in an unmistakable show of force against the violent mobs.

Gun shop owner Adam Weinstein was straightforward in expressing his motivation to keep the criminals out of his business.

“We didn’t want them coming in here and then running around with a bunch of free guns.”

He joined forces with a nearby tattoo shop owner, Mike Gutierrez, to protect the strip mall from attack. Following a thorough pillaging of a nearby Dollar General, Gutierrez noted that looters headed toward his store only to turn away when the saw the resistance they faced.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Michelle S. Sells


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