Huckabee: Obama Deserves Impeachment, But It’s Not a Viable Option

Mike Huckabee

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee is often mentioned in conversations of likely GOP presidential contenders. Perhaps with that in mind, he took a measured approach to the divisive issue of impeaching Barack Obama.

During a recent interview, he confirmed that, while Obama might deserve such a fate, it is not a realistic goal for Republicans to pursue.

“There’s no doubt that he’s done plenty of things worthy of impeachment. Now, the fact is we don’t have the Senate, so even if you impeached him in the House and it went to trial in the Senate, it would never even get to the floor because Harry Reid has been sitting on 357 pieces of legislation passed by the House Republicans.”

Fellow Republicans have voiced similar reticence toward drafting articles of impeachment, particularly citing the opportunity it would give Democrats to rally support against such a pursuit.

As the interview, progressed, he expounded further on the unconstitutional acts – specifically relating to Obama’s troubled healthcare law – that warrant serious repercussions.

“This is a president who passes ObamaCare and when Republicans want to change it, the answer is ‘It’s the law of the land,’ until it isn’t the law of the land, until he wants to give over 40 exemptions to his pals. Well, you can’t do that.”

Huckabee admitted that the idea of fiat rule is tempting; however, he concluded that swearing an oath to uphold the Constitution is a promise elected leaders must keep.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Mike Huckabee


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