Hamas Claims It Does Not Use Human Shields. This Video Tells a Different Story.


In the weeks since Israel has mounted a strong military response to relentless missile strikes by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza, critics have lamented the disproportionate number of civilian casualties in the region. Israel and its supporters, however, have countered those concerns with assertions that the Hamas-backed militants behind the attacks are firing rockets from heavily populated areas in an effort to drive up the number of innocent deaths.

A report by Indian journalist Sreenivasan Jain adds significant credibility to those accusations with a video depicting what he believed to be terrorist activity just outside of his hotel.

“By reasonable doubt, it’s fair to guess this is a potential Hamas rocket launching site that’s being set up.”

He said that, if correct, footage of the mission would prove the organization systematically chooses civilian areas as the origin of such strikes.

“If Hamas does fire a rocket from here, it will have immediate consequences for everyone around here.”

Jain is still in his hotel room when he captures the smoky aftermath of a missile launch from that very site, apparently proving his suspicions were right and vindicating those who believe Hamas engages in such despicable tactics.

Photo Credit: YouTube/NDTV


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