If You Can’t Afford to Take a Luxury Vacation, You’ll Be Outraged at the Five-Star Treatment These Illegals are Getting

Karnes City

While many on the left claim undocumented minors and other illegal immigrants are drawn to the U.S. to escape violence and poverty in their home countries, a growing number of Americans cite the promise of amnesty and a plethora of taxpayer-funded benefits as a more common cause for the recent influx.

A new state-of-the-art facility opening in Karnes City, Texas, gives even more credence to that assertion. According to Immigration and Customs Enforcement Field Office Director Enrique Lucero, illegals housed within the resort-like establishment will be treated like anything but the criminals they are.

“I will refer to everyone in this facility as a resident. ICE generally refers to people in custody as detainees.”

The more friendly rhetoric is backed up by a laundry list of amenities, he explained. In addition to each of the 532 ‘residents’ receiving new socks, shoes, and six sets of clothing, the completely renovated facility will include an on-site playground, soccer field, weight room, basketball court, and plenty of other recreational offerings.

Furthermore, the rooms — officially referred to as suites — include telephones and flat-screen televisions as part of the recent remodel.

Illegals will have access to a dentist on the premises and children will be sent to a local charter school to receive an education at the expense of U.S. citizens. In addition to the cost of renovations, taxpayers are on the hook for an estimated $140 per illegal — or $74,000 total — per day to keep these ‘residents’ comfortable during their stay.

Photo Credit: Billy Hathorn (Creative Commons)


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