Conservatives Cringe at Hillary’s Border Crisis Plan

Photo Credit: Kai Mörk (Creative Commons)

Despite frequent missteps and setbacks in recent weeks, most Americans still believe Hillary Clinton has a good shot at becoming the Democrat Party’s 2016 presidential nominee. The idea that she could feasibly take control of the executive branch after Barack Obama’s reign comes to a merciful end makes her opinion on current affairs all the more relevant.

Weighing in on the ongoing border crisis, Clinton asserted that she wants to facilitate the continued influx of Central American minors by bestowing refugee status on them in their respective country of origin.

“If we don’t have a procedure, it’s not going to stop. More kids are going to come.”

Conservatives and leftists agree the long journey these unaccompanied children have made in recent months is dangerous and, in many cases, deadly. While Republican leaders like Gov. Rick Perry want to discourage such risky trips by sending the clear message that illegals will not be granted amnesty, Clinton and her ilk apparently want to reinforce the perception that our borders are open.

That point is not lost on those who dread the prospect of a Clinton win in 2016.

She drove home her liberal immigration policy by declaring illegal minors already in the U.S. should be allowed to stay with the exception of a very specific segment including those without family in the states or a “legitimate claim for asylum.”


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