Legislators Hold Bundy Ranch Hearing to Trash Federal Agents

Bundy Ranch

Months after heavily armed Bureau of Land Management agents descended upon the Bundy Ranch in Clark County, Nev., the resulting standoff between federal forces and local protesters is still a popular topic of discussion in many circles.

A recent congressional hearing, for example, included primarily Republican lawmakers working to determine where the April incident went wrong and what can be done to prevent another similar fiasco.

Authorities from Nevada and Utah, another state that has publicly battled the BLM in recent months, were on hand to provide their perspective.

Sheriff James Perkins of Garfield County, Utah, said there would have been no Bundy Ranch standoff to talk about had it been handled at the local level. He lamented the fact that federal forces have intruded far too deeply into matters that should be left to local and state authorities.

“There have been so many bridges burned I don’t know if they can be repaired.”

Calling the BLM response in Nevada “completely insane,” California Rep. Tom McClintock echoed Perkins’ sentiment.

“Local law enforcement knew the circumstances, knew the people involved and would exercise much better judgment nine times out of 10. So I ask once again, why are we arming land managers?”

 Photo Credit: Facebook/Bundy Ranch


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