Coyotes Reveal Insight into the ‘Business’ of Trafficking Illegals

U.S. Border

Though the Obama administration’s refusal to secure our border and enforce its own laws has attracted an increasing number of illegals, human smugglers – or coyotes – are often responsible for facilitating their journey to the U.S.

Obviously reticent to speak candidly about the illicit proposition of moving humans through Central America and Mexico, two coyotes recently shed some light on the inner workings of their criminal trade.

“It’s business,” one smuggler stationed in Guatemala confirmed. “Sometimes, business is very good.”

By all accounts, the current immigration climate in the U.S. has made it one of those times for coyotes.

The trafficker said he charges illegals $10,000 a head, which he described as a bargain when the alternative is the often brutal drug cartels who demand money in addition to the agreed upon cost under threat of violence or death.

“They cut you in pieces and videotape it.”

His flat rate reportedly includes boarding, transportation, and the requisite bribes paid to officials along the way.

Another smuggler, describing himself as a Christian, said he became involved in this line of work to help people.

“The coyote is essential. If you don’t have a compass, you can get lost.”

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Photo Credit: Toksave (Creative Commons)


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