Rick Perry Just Promised to Tackle the Border Crisis without Obama


After the Republican governor called out Barack Obama on his immigration inaction in a widely circulated letter, Rick Perry recently announced that he is prepared to defend America’s borders with or without federal assistance.

Recognizing there is little hope of the Obama administration adequately enforcing existing immigration laws, Perry said his state can and will do what is best for its citizens — and all Americans.

“We’ve been able to shut down illegal activities in certain sectors with our different operations that we’ve had.”

Building on that foundation, he told Glenn Beck that Texans are fully capable of fending off the continued threat posed by illegals attracted to the porous border by Obama’s implicit promise of amnesty. He also used the opportunity to refute claims that those currently streaming into the U.S. are innocent children seeking an escape from violence and poverty.

“Eighty percent of those coming across, we don’t know who they are.”

Even among those minors who do make the trip for that purpose, many encounter a worse fate at the hands of sadistic coyotes, he noted.

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Rick Perry


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