GOP Lawmaker Turns Twitter into Repository for #ObamaFailures

Screenshot 2014-07-19 at 5.48.19 PM

Currently taking a weekend break from the daunting task, Arizona Rep. Trent Franks has transformed his official Twitter page into a showcase of Barack Obama’s bad ideas and detrimental policies.

Using the hashtag #ObamaFailures, he has promised to update the profile each half hour “as long as it takes” to expose them all. With a mix of lightheartedness and outrage, Franks has so far published 84 such posts.

Some deal with the Obama administration’s most recognizable scandals:

Others might be less recognizable, but outrageous nonetheless:

He touches on matters both fiscal and social:

Franks assumed the task Wednesday and vows to pick up where he left of Monday morning. The self-appointed mission has already attracted plenty of social media attention:

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Congressman Trent Franks



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