Harry Reid Goes Out on a Limb to Defend Illegals

Facebook/Harry Reid

Given the overwhelming pro-amnesty rhetoric emanating from the Democrat Party, it takes an especially outrageous comment to warrant consideration on an individual level. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, however, was once again up for the task this week when he trashed a fellow senator’s immigration proposal in an incendiary rant.

Sen. Ted Cruz has called on Republicans to oppose the $3.7 billion requested by Obama to address the border crisis without some assurance that the illegals already here will be sent home. This group of lawbreakers includes those currently benefitting from Obama’s 2012 executive order granting de facto amnesty to certain illegals who crossed the border as minors.

Reid portrayed Cruz as an obstructionist for his insistence that federal law be enforced.

“Before Republicans help our Border Patrol agents and all the personnel trying to do something to handle this humanitarian crisis, they want President Obama to deport the Dreamers who are already here – legitimately here.”

Cruz, however, cited the fact that Obama’s unilateral bestowal of amnesty does not legitimize the illegals, it only encourages more minors to make the dangerous – and often deadly – trip to the U.S. border.

“If we do not put an end to its expansion – to the promise of amnesty that is the reason so many are coming – then more little boys and girls will be trafficked, abused, and even killed. We have an obligation to make sure that not one more child is hurt by this president’s lawlessness.”

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Harry Reid


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