VA Caught Spying on Its Own Investigation

Veterans Affairs

As if a scandal involving widespread veteran deaths and an alleged cover-up of the delayed medical treatment that caused them wasn’t enough, it seems the Department of Veterans Affairs is determined to further sully its reputation.

According to House Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Jeff Miller, staffers from his office were recently dispatched to a field office to investigate some complaints.

Upon arriving, he explained, the acting Veterans Benefits Administration Director and others at the location repeatedly urged his investigators to work from one specific office. When his staffers reluctantly agreed, Miller noted they found some shocking evidence indicating the VA hoped to record their private communications.

“In that room, both of the mics were hot and the camera itself was activated.”

The investigators then demanded a new room from which to work, he said, though VBA staff continued to obstruct before ultimately providing a different location.

To cap it off, Miller alleged that when VA official Allison Hickey was asked about the spying plot, “there was no attempt to deny that it had occurred.”

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