‘Undocumented’ Journalist Remains Indignant After Encounter with Border Patrol

Jose Vargas

Jose Vargas knows he is committing a crime every day he spends in America.

Nevertheless, he has made it his mission to rub the nation’s open borders in the face of its collective citizenry, practically begging federal authorities to do something about his illegal status.

The writer and filmmaker, who calls himself an ‘undocumented American,’ has no desire to abide by the nation’s laws.

Though he obviously felt virtually untouchable as an illegal invader, a recent trip to McAllen, Texas, gave him a wake-up call.

Vargas was handcuffed and questioned by border agents; however, he was ultimately released amid backlash from his pro-amnesty supporters.

The experience seems to have only heightened his desire to flout U.S. immigration law.

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Jose Antonio Vargas


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