Iowa’s Governor Just Put Border Patrol on Notice

Terry Branstad

The overcrowding of Border Patrol facilities in Texas has prompted federal authorities to bus many of the Central American children pouring across the U.S. border to other locations – primarily in Arizona and California.

Outraged citizens in affected states are now engaged in protests against these shipments. Meanwhile, anti-amnesty leaders in other states are beginning to prepare for the possibility that these intruders will soon be dropped off in their communities.

Republican Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad is making it clear that these young illegals are not welcome in his neck of the woods.

“The first thing we need to do is secure the border. I do have empathy for these kids; but I don’t want to send the signal that [encourages parents to] send your kids to America illegally. That’s not the right message.”

His sentiment echoes many who want to see our border secured and our laws enforced. The state’s League of United Latin American Citizens director, however, thinks Iowa should be a safe haven for these kids.

Joe Enriquez Henry declared:

“Every state should embrace these children. We feel a responsibility to provide a safe place for these refugees. We would love to have them come to Des Moines. We believe in a caring community.”

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Terry Branstad


2 thoughts on “Iowa’s Governor Just Put Border Patrol on Notice

  1. No THEY NEED TO GO BACK WHERE THEY CAME FROM TO THERE PARENTS,, that is unless their parents are with them,, What kind of parents would rather send their kids here and stay where they are,, In every case I can remember kids stayed with their parents,, not so now they just pack em up and send them to the US to take care off..

  2. Really, this sucks and plays right into the hands of those that want to crash this country. If you are going to stand and say no well, just do it. No means no. not no for Iowa, No for The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, remember that dream? Divide and conquer, first rule of success in a battle plan. If you stand as an individual state then so be it you stand alone. Now how do you feel. You stand for America or sit the hell down!

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