PC Police Just Set Their Sights on Another Pro Sports Team

Photo Credit: Coasttocoast (Creative Commons)

Recent news that the Washington Redskins franchise is on track to lose its trademark amid claims the name is derogatory made headlines across the nation. While some applaud the Obama administration for taking a step toward protecting the feelings of a minority group, many others feel the ruling is just another example of political correctness taken too far.

While the Redskins decision was thrust upon the organization despite its owners’ protests, another sports franchise is acting on its own accord to make sure fans do not offend anyone while attending games.

The San Francisco Giants recently announced a new policy banning “culturally insensitive” attire within the team’s ballpark. Vice President Staci Slaughter explained the impetus behind the decision.

“We want to make sure that our fans are respectful of each other and the different backgrounds that everyone comes from.”

The move reportedly came as a result of a disagreement between two Native American fans and a non-native wearing a headdress deemed inappropriate.

While mutual respect should be a common goal, the Giants have faced significant flak for imposing subjective restrictions on attendees based on a complaint by two offended fans.

As with any private organization – including chains that have recently banned legally armed customers – this team is nonetheless free to impose whatever regulations it deems appropriate, facing any public backlash or loss of revenue that might result.

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Photo Credit: Coasttocoast (Creative Commons)


One thought on “PC Police Just Set Their Sights on Another Pro Sports Team

  1. In San Francisco, assless chaps are fine to wear in public, but a sports fan might pretend to be offended by a logo.

    Adults are pathetic.

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