Ann Coulter Has a Simple Solution to End the Border Crisis

Ann Coulter

Bestselling author Ann Coulter recently sat down for a short interview about the ongoing influx of illegals under the Obama administration.

“What he wants to do is make it easier for people to come here; and these idiot Republicans [say] ‘Oh, if only we had passed amnesty.’ No. Do they not understand people are coming to this country because they think they’re going to get amnesty?”

Coulter, who has proven time and again she is willing to ruffle feathers on either side of the political aisle, called the GOP response “madness.”

She went on to offer a series of steps that, if enacted, she feels would stop illegal immigration in its tracks.

“We want a barbed wire fence. I want the same fence Israel has – let’s start with that.”

Coulter then advocated a national policy far less welcoming to those willing to violate federal law to enter the U.S.

“We’ve got to get rid of this refugee policy. What are we going to do, take the entire world? All countries suck compared to America. Is that the standard?”

Finally, she offered a simple approach to the executive order that has enticed tens of thousands of minors to America over the past several weeks.

“Retroactively repeal the law and send them home!”

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore (Creative Commons)


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