Food Fight: State Education Board Blasts Michelle’s Bake Sale Restriction

Michelle Obama

The strict nutritional regulations being imposed on public schools across the nation have led to backlash from administrators losing money through compliance and students who find the resulting meals unpalatable. These new guidelines, however, extend far beyond the cafeteria.

Backed by Michelle Obama, the Health, Hunger-Free Kids Act that is in effect across the nation also limits the ability of schools to raise funds by forcing states to put a cap on how many bake sales and other food-related events may be held per year. If a state declines to set such a limit, the federal default is zero.

The Tennessee Education Board reluctantly complied, deciding schools may conduct such fundraisers only 30 days during any school year. Chairman Fielding Rolson openly objected to the intrusion into the operation of schools statewide, however.

Deputy Executive Director David Sevier also joined in the criticism, noting how hard it will be for schools to comply.

“That means if the Spanish club sells sausage biscuits one morning, that’s one day.”

Sevier also lambasted a loophole allowing additional events provided only preapproved food items are involved, noting that fundraisers “selling carrot sticks” will not be successful.

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