Leftists Freak Out Over Anti-Obama Parade Float


An Independence Day parade in Nebraska is making national headlines due to one politically charged entry. Trailing a pickup truck bearing several American flags was a replica of an outhouse designated as the ‘Obama Presidential Library.’

Witnesses say the crowd cheered wildly as the float passed by and, according to parade organizers, it was by far the most popular of all entrants. Furthermore, multiple parade judges honored the float with awards.

As with virtually any criticism of the current administration, however, many Obama supporters saw racism in the lighthearted social commentary.

In addition to several attendees and Norfolk City Councilman Dick Pfeil, the Nebraska Democrat Party weighed in on the matter, declaring the float revealed “racism and disrespect for the office of the presidency” on a scale seldom seen in the state.

Though the float did receive plenty of praise on social media, the criticism continued on Twitter as users accused its designers of racism without providing any actual evidence to back up the claim.

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