Eric Holder’s Crusade against U.S. States Continues This Week in North Carolina

Photo Credit: Facebook/Attorney General Eric Holder

Months after the Justice Department announced its latest lawsuit against a state, petitioners gathered in North Carolina to demand a preliminary injunction against North Carolina’s controversial voter identification law.

Last September, Attorney General Eric Holder lambasted the law designed to cut down on incidences of voter fraud.

“The state legislature took extremely aggressive steps to curtail the voting rights of African-Americans. This is an intentional step to break a system that was working and it defies common sense.”

The law implemented voting standards including, in addition to identification requirements, a truncated early voting period and the elimination of same-day registration. Contrary to the assertion of its detractors that the law is somehow discriminatory, its regulations applied to all voters in the state regardless of race or ethnicity.

Nevertheless, representatives from the Justice Department, NAACP, and League of Women Voters met in Winston-Salem Monday to plead their case before a judge. A trial is set to commence next year.

Those behind the law, which contains language similar to requirements in effect in dozens of other states, are adamant that it is not a “full assault on the franchise of voting,” as NAACP attorney Irving Joyner suggested.

State Sen. Bob Rucho said the evidence supports his position.

“There was no voter suppression. Actually, we had some good turnouts for a primary election.”

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