Latest Federal Land Grab Set to Uproot South Dakota Residents

Department of the Interior

Following disputes with land owners in Nevada, Texas and Utah, the federal government is now prepared to assert ownership of South Dakota land belonging primarily to local Indian tribes.

With a bill already before Congress that would allow the Department of the Interior to offer a payment to residents on Oglala and Lakota Sioux reservations, reports indicate the National Parks Service wants to turn much of the Pine Ridge region into a Tribal National Park. The name, however, is just that, as Native Americans – and affected non-tribal residents – will have no stake in the property.

Should locals refuse whatever sum the federal government decides to offer, it can reportedly then seize the property by force through eminent domain laws.

Radio host Lory Storm cited the significance of what is becoming a concerted effort to oppose the federal land grab.

“It will be the first time in the history of our country that the cowboys and Indians pose a united front against a federal government that is used to winning battles by first dividing and then conquering.”

Others pointed out the absurdity of media outlets devoting significant coverage to the ostensibly offensive ‘Washington Redskins’ moniker while ignoring this legitimate assault on Native Americans.

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