Obama’s Pal Wants to Build a Monument for Army Deserter Bowe Bergdahl

Bill Ayers

In a fairly comprehensive interview on Fox News this week, radical domestic terrorist – and vital catalyst in Barack Obama’s political career – Bill Ayers discussed a number of issues with host Megyn Kelly.

When the topic of recently released hostage Bowe Bergdahl came up, the Weather Underground co-founder offered a characteristically anti-American take on how to handle the accused Army deserter.

“It would be fair and balanced to also look at the violence that was and is going on, perpetrated by the government, by the official agencies and organs of the government.”

Kelly responded that his stated position reminds her of something Osama bin Laden might say.

Ayers continued by asserting that, assuming Bergdahl is guilty of deserting his fellow soldiers, he is a hero.

“I think throughout history we should build monuments to the unknown deserters – the people who look at the craziness they’re asked to participate in and say, ‘I’m not part of this.’”

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Bill Ayers


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