Department of Veterans Affairs Retaliating against Whistleblowers

Veterans Affairs

As though an agency accused of withholding treatment from American soldiers and then lying to hide it needs any more bad press, employees are now saying the Department of Veterans Affairs systematically punishes those who seek to expose bad behavior within its facilities nationwide.

New York nurse Valerie Riviello, for example, said she stepped in when she saw a sexual abuse victim had been restrained for seven straight hours. Despite her position as the head of her department, she said her superiors demoted her to a desk position with no patient contact and may still suspend her for 30 days without pay.

As a result, she said her fellow nurses are thinking twice before speaking out against patient mistreatment.

“The nurses are afraid to complain or report anything.”

Riviello has secured legal counsel in an effort to restore her spotless employee record at the facility. According to the firm representing her, however, there may be a delay in presenting the case as its attorneys are already handling about 50 similar complaints.

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3 thoughts on “Department of Veterans Affairs Retaliating against Whistleblowers

  1. Just what the Whistleblowers said, because the same thing happen in the private sector. REP. Jim WALZ nailed it when the said that he knew that the whistleblower were telling truth and everyone on the panel knew as well.

  2. I knew the shooting at the VA’s were not Mental Ill related, Veterans were disrespected, treated badly, lied to by the same people they faugh to protect. went with my brother to MEMPHIS TN VA., waiting room full of Veterans, people walking around talking like they have nothing to do.
    I have notice that people who work in these Government facilities are just making money, they don’t seem like they care about the SICK, same with URGENT CARE,
    MARTIN LUTHER KING Hospital in Compton Calif. look better than the VA in Memphis TN. I never went in side the California VA across from UCLA, but it looked good outside, that doesn’t mean it was great for the veterans in side.

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