Business Leader Explains to Obama the Difference Between Public and Private Sectors

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In one of his latest attempts to deflect the focus from his own incompetency, Barack Obama declared whatever problems the federal government faces are similar in nature to issues found in the business community.

“Are there programs that the government does that are a waste of money or aren’t working as well as they should be? Of course. But I’ll tell you, if you work at any company in America, big company, you know, you’ll find some things they’re doing that aren’t all that efficient either.”

Former Heinz CEO Bill Johnson joined Fox News host Neil Cavuto to break down the fallacy of what he called a “feckless comparison.”

Cavuto got the conversation started with his contention that there is one big difference between the two sectors.

“The company, when it screws up, it’s on the company’s dime. When the government screws up, well, it’s on our dime.”

Johnson wasted no time adding to the narrative, noting business owners have three specific incentives for efficiency that government does not: competition, accountability, and potential job loss.

He went on to lambaste Obama for making such a comparison while failing to do what a good business owner would do in the same situation.

“If he knows there is inefficiency and waste, and knows where it is, why doesn’t he root it out and make the business more efficient, more effective, and more responsive to the American people?”

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Photo Credit: Vlad Lazarenko (Creative Commons)


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