Where is the Outrage Over Michelle Obama’s Use of a Racial Slur?

Michelle Obama

The Obama administration has been vocal in its opposition of racially derogatory language. As a recent example, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office made headlines last week by declaring an NFL team name “disparaging to Native Americans” and revoking the Washington Redskins’ trademark claim.

In an interview this week, however, Michelle Obama used a term believed by many to be similarly offensive with hardly a peep from the mainstream media or the shrill voices of the perpetually outraged left. Speaking about her experiences as a mother attempting to work a part-time job, she said:

“I realized I was getting gypped on that front.”

Of course, ‘gyp’ is a shortened version of ‘gypsy,’ a word that in itself is a slight to the Romani culture and evokes connotations of thievery and fraud. Nevertheless, Obama largely escaped criticism for her statement in much the same way her husband did when he used the term to describe the health care industry in 2009.

A number of alternative media sources did call her out, however, and Twitter users brought up the inconsistency regarding how language is treated depending on its source.

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