Woman Puts Veganism Ahead of Her Own Newborn’s Life


A Florida mother is facing child neglect charges after police determined she was more interested in maintaining her strict vegan lifestyle than providing basic care for her two-week old child.

Police reports indicate Sarah Markham refused to take her baby to the hospital after doctors warned her that the child was seriously dehydrated. Authorities were notified and police officers were soon dispatched to her home in an effort to investigate the complaint.

After ignoring their knocks, officers called a locksmith to allow them entrance to the home. The uncooperative Markham eventually told police that she had sought a second opinion from a vegan doctor; however, she was unable to provide any details about the professional she contacted.

The mother finally promised she would take her baby to the hospital, though she made it clear her decision was based entirely on the officers’ demands that she do so. About an hour later, authorities returned to discover Markham and her child were still at home.

She was then arrested and the newborn placed in state custody. Despite being told she would not be able to see her baby until a her court hearing, police reported she exhibited a nonchalant attitude on her way to jail.

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Vegan


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