Chick-fil-A’s Latest Gesture Might Give You a Craving for Waffle Fries


There is plenty of evidence that Chick-fil-A is not just an ordinary fast food chain. From the friendly, hands-on service that has defined the brand to an established history of charitable giving, there is little doubt why the company has such a loyal following.

Its irresistible menu doesn’t hurt, either.

Putting aside the well-document public squabbles regarding its owner’s stance on gay marriage, Chick-fil-A and its franchisees continuously give customers new reasons to respect the company. For instance, during a snowstorm earlier this year, employees stuck around to deliver food and beverages to stranded motorists along a nearby highway.

As manager Audrey Pitt stated after that display of kindness:

“We were just trying to follow the model that we’ve all worked under for so long and the model that we’ve come to love. There was really nothing else we could have done but try to help people any way we could.”

Another location recently made headlines for its touching response to a local police officer fatally shot in the line of duty. As his funeral approached, the restaurant posted the following notice:

Suspended Service Notice:

Chick-fil-A of Griffen Dwarf House will suspend all transactions as the funeral processional for Officer Kevin Jordan passes our location Monday afternoon, June 9th.

Thanks for helping us pay respect to our fallen officer.

Employees across the nation, who have every Sunday off to spend with family, faithfully exhibit the model Pitt alluded to throughout the rest of the week.

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Chick-fil-A


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