This Comedian Wasn’t Joking When He Took On Tree-Hugging Extremists

Paul Rodriguez

For veteran funnyman Paul Rodriguez, the incessant push to ‘go green’ at any cost is no laughing matter. He became quite serious during a recent podcast interview, describing how radical environmentalism is hurting his family and countless others.

As his mother attempts to work a small California farm during an ongoing drought, Rodriguez explained she and other locals see the need to build a dam. Activists, however, are standing in their way due to the potential impact such construction could have on fish.

He concluded such extremists are “not living in the real world” by demanding that real people suffer based on speculative wildlife concerns.

“I believe human life is more precious than these fish.”

Rodriguez asserted that his opposition to extremist organizations such as Earth First! has earned him death threats in the past. He tied the left’s intolerance for dissent to an overarching effort to circle the wagons around the current administration.

“Mr. Obama is difficult to criticize without being accused of being some kind of bigot.”

Nevertheless, the comedian did not shy away from his assertion that Obama is “not prepared for the job.”

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Paul Rodriguez


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