Want to Cuss Out Your Boss? Obama’s NLRB Just Protected Your Job


Ineffective and even dangerous employees have long been shielded from termination through their affiliation with a particular union. Those without such protections, however, can now apparently depend on the National Labor Relations Board.

In two separate decisions, the board recently sided with employees fired for shouting profanities and threats at their superiors.

A car dealership staffer and a Starbucks barista were both deemed to have been wrongfully terminated. The former was fired after he called his boss a “f—king crook” and an “a—hole,” while the latter shouted “Go f—k yourself” to his employer in front of a busy store.

The NLRB largely ignored the actual cause for dismissal, instead focusing on how board members believe the employers actually brought the verbal onslaught on themselves.

One of the three voting board members dissented, citing the absurdity of protecting such profanity in the workplace. Nevertheless, these two employers are now being forced to not only rehire the terminated workers but provide back pay for the time they were unemployed.

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