Connecticut School Won’t Let Students Access ‘Conservative’ Websites


A senior at Nonnewaug High School in Woodbury, Conn., is mounting an effort to expose what he believes is a deliberate effort to block web pages with a  conservative bias. On the other hand, Andrew Lampart reports that sites advocating leftist views remain accessible.

While researching a report on gun control, the student said he noticed the National Rifle Association’s website was restricted while anti-gun groups including Moms Demand Action were not blocked. He explained that he then explored further to uncover a troubling trend.

“I immediately found out that the state Democrat website was unblocked, but the state GOP website was blocked.”

Lampart found similar disparities when searching for information on issues like abortion and faith. He said that he took his concerns to the district’s superintendent who, after a week, had failed to address the apparent discrepancy.

He has since found a more receptive audience with Board of Education Chairman John Chapman who concluded Lampart has “raised an important issue that warrants further investigation.”

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Photo Credit: Kristoferb (Creative Commons)


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