Chicago School’s Prom is a Sad Testament to Public Education

Photo Credit: Facebook/Chuck Goudie ABC7 ITeam

The left has exercised increasing power over the education of America’s next generation through its embrace of federal curriculum standards, partisan indoctrination, and a formidable union influence. Perhaps the most significant grievance among indignant conservatives is the fact that, despite spending more money than ever on education, kids seem to be learning less.

This trend was on full display in a Chicago high school’s prom theme, “This Is Are Story.”

A local investigative reporter exposed the glaring vocabulary error, leading to widespread scrutiny of not only Paul Robeson High School but the entire education system. Replacing “our” with “are” is hardly an issue limited to this school.

The incident brought attention to the Windy City’s public school situation. While these issues are present in districts across the nation, a few of the more disturbing aspects Chicago students face include:

  • Approximately 4 in 10 Chicago Public School students do not graduate.
  • Testing shows only about 25 percent are college-ready.
  • Of CPS graduates who do make it to college, more than 9 in 10 require remedial courses.

Despite these troubling facts, teachers in the city bring home an average of $76,000 per year — nearly six times more than the median per capita income in some of the city’s poorer communities.

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Chuck Goudie ABC7 ITeam


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