Multimillionaire Democrat Won’t Be Happy Until You Can’t Afford Groceries

Rosa DeLauro

Democrat Rep. Rosa DeLauro has amassed a personal net worth of millions, a fact for which few conservatives would fault her. The Connecticut lawmaker’s relentless assault on those substantially less affluent than her, however, is decidedly less celebrated by the limited government crowd.

Her latest mission involves taxing sugary drinks – specifically sodas – to the point that hardworking Americans will be persuaded to stop buying them. Taking part in a forum hosted by the radical leftist group Center for Science in the Public Interest, DeLauro made the following illogical comparison:

“When a two-liter cola is 99 cents and blueberries are over three dollars, something has gone very wrong.”

She offered no proposal that would allow struggling families to purchase fruit at a lower price. Instead, she voiced her desire – for the second time in two years – to impose a sin tax on soft drinks.

Her advocacy likely resonated with those responsible for the ‘National Soda Summit,’ considering CSPI put out a press release last year alleging soda is “unfit for regular human consumption.”

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Rosa DeLauro


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