Investigation Reveals Planned Parenthood’s Disturbing Advice to Kids

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood not only operates the nation’s most ubiquitous network of abortion mills, it operates largely with money confiscated from hardworking Americans.

As the advocates at Live Action found out, the organization’s employees are also dedicated to covering up cases of child abuse and sex trafficking. In its latest undercover investigation, the group uncovered Planned Parenthood sex counselors advocating violent and dangerous sex acts to a girl claiming to be 15 years old.

The actress was instructed to engage in sex with “multiple partners” and experiment with potentially deadly behavior such as asphyxiation. As one staff member explained:

“I wouldn’t say ‘abuse’ because it’s consensual.”

Of course, 15-year-olds are unable to legally consent to any type of sex. Nevertheless, multiple counselors are caught on tape pressuring the young girl to engage in acts they admit will end in physical injury, including whipping, hitting, bondage, and getting “tied to a bed or tied to a tree.”

Live Action’s exposé, Sexed, promises to reveal exactly what the federal government is mandating Americans financially support.

On the other hand, perhaps conservative taxpayers should just be happy whenever Planned Parenthood isn’t using their money to murder unborn children.

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