Jury Finds Florida Muslim Guilty of Planning Multiple Deadly Attacks

Photo Credit: Facebook/Sami Osmakac

According to reports out of Pinellas County, Fla., 27-year-old Sami Osmakac was found guilty of federal terrorism charges.

During a three-week trial, prosecutors presented evidence that the defendant met with undercover FBI agents and informants in an effort to purchase a car bomb and an AK-47 rifle among other weapons. With his acquisitions, he stated his intention to bomb bridges over the Tampa Bay and a specific community bar. He also expressed his intention to take hostages, killing one every 30 minutes until the government agreed to let a number of Muslim prisoners out of jail.

His plot would end, he said, with his own death by suicide bomb.

While his defense put forth a claim that the FBI coerced Osmakac into making such plans, a jury disagreed. His lawyers also suggested he has a mental illness, though an expert witness who interviewed him five separate times testified to the contrary. Dr. Paul Montalbano said he made a conscious choice to pursue terrorism, noting he showed no signs of instability.

“It’s important to differentiate between a mental disorder and a cultural belief.”

Aside from local reports and a few diligent national outlets, this seems to be another case of homegrown terrorism the mainstream media deems insignificant.

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Sami Osmakac


3 thoughts on “Jury Finds Florida Muslim Guilty of Planning Multiple Deadly Attacks

  1. mental illness? Yes, islam – it teaches sociopathy if people would bother to read islamic texts. lying, beating up women, subjugating or killing others if one doesn’t worship allah, 97% of the time jihad is mentioned it is to do violence against non-moslems, etc. And those peaceful, Meccan verses scattered over the koran are used to lie to us with because sharia laws outline very clearly that jihad is war – or jihad by the word (deception), and jihad by wealth/zakat (part of zakat is required to fund violent jihad). And when moslems tell us we are getting all of the above incorrect or threaten us or start bashing us that is jihad by the word. BTW, they learn the bashing from the koran because it calls us all sorts of names.

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