Planned Parenthood Gushes over Pro-Abortion Comedy Film

Photo Credit: Facebook/Obvious Child

When it is not claiming God supports the deadly act of abortion, Planned Parenthood tries to advance its cause by aligning with like-minded cultural movements. Obvious Child, a purported comedy movie starring former Saturday Night Live cast member Jenny Slate, offered such an opportunity.

Not only did the nation’s largest abortion provider reportedly team up with filmmakers in an effort to portray the procedure in a favorable light, the organization sent out its mouthpieces to tout the relevance and ostensible importance of the movie.

Slate responded to criticism by declaring the movie has no agenda – just before she revealed the movie’s agenda.

“Our film is not an agenda movie in any way. The whole point is that women have this procedure, and they should have it safely; and it’s a part of life.”

Planned Parenthood was not the only group to jump on the bandwagon in heralding the film. NARAL also endorsed it while feminist blog Jezebel gave away 50 free passes.

Plenty of other leftist outlets praised the movie writer and director Gillian Robespierre said she created to fill what she considered a void. She concluded previous comedies depicting unplanned pregnancies – including Juno and Knocked Up – “just didn’t feel true” because the protagonist’s baby was not murdered in the womb.

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Obvious Child


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