Conservative Congressman Calls for Eric Holder’s Impeachment

Eric Holder

Barack Obama has left himself open to plenty of justifiable criticism throughout a presidency defined by its scandals. Many of his political adversaries, however, also believe Attorney General Eric Holder deserves a significant share of the blame.

Calls for Holder’s impeachment began in earnest last year with a bill backed by Rep. Pete Olson. In the months since, Rep. Paul Gosar initiated action that led all but two Republicans — along with 17 Democrats — voting to hold the nation’s top law enforcement officer in contempt of Congress.

This week, Gosar announced he is following Olson’s lead by demanding impeachment hearings against Holder.

“We’ve seen a wanton disrespect for the rule of law. Very, very poor legal counsel is being given to the president by the attorney general.”

Later this month, he is expected to reveal whether he will join forces with the existing bill or draft his own articles of impeachment. Gosar explained that he is no longer merely calling for Holder’s resignation because a move to impeach gives legislators more opportunity to act.

As with any such initiative, there is no way to predict what — if anything — will result from what even Gosar admitted is a “difficult move.”

In any case, a renewed push for Holder’s ouster keeps a spotlight on what many Americans believe is a pattern of lawlessness within the Obama administration.

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Photo Credit: Facebook/Attorney General Eric Holder


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