6 in 10 Now Think the American Dream is Dead

American Dream

Barack Obama’s implicit message to the next generation, expressed through disastrous leftist policy, is that they will face a future defined by unsustainable debt and high unemployment. Despite the spin his sycophants in the media attempt to sell, more and more young adults are recognizing the negative effect this administration will have on their lives.

According to recent polling, about 60 percent of Americans no longer believe the American Dream – however they might define it – is a realistic goal. Unsurprisingly, a disproportionate number of respondents who expressed that opinion are between 18 and 34 years old.

Economic expert Erin Currier explained that the goal of prosperity has been replaced by the pursuit of simply making ends meet.

“The pessimism is reflective of the financial realities a lot of families are facing. They are treading water, but their income is not translating into solid financial security.”

The poll also revealed another telling statistic regarding how Americans view the future. A full 63 percent of respondents now feel today’s children will not have an opportunity to be as financially successful as their parents.

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Photo Credit: Deniseesser (Creative Commons)


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