The Potato Lobby is Not Pleased with Michelle Obama


Not satisfied with dictating what kids can eat while in school, Michelle Obama recently weighed in on a proposal that would allow low-income mothers to provide potatoes for their children. While the leftist-backed food stamp program allows government dependents to gorge on sodas and candy bars at taxpayer expense, the first lady concluded the WIC food nutrition program should not include the nutritious and inexpensive starchy vegetable.

Meanwhile, products like sugar cane are readily available to enrolled families.

The National Potato Council was incensed. In a statement, the organization lambasted Obama for using outdated data in making her accusation that Americans “already consume enough potatoes” and should not be allowed to obtain them through the WIC program.

“Instead of relying on a 2005 report that looks at data from the mid-1990s, we argue that important federal nutrition programs be based on the latest available science – in this case, USDA’s own 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans.”

That report, the group explained, shows women and young children actually eat far fewer starchy vegetables than the recommended maximum.

Lobbyists praised legislators who saw through the faulty data and moved to add potatoes – the only fresh produce excluded – to the program.

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Photo Credit: OSU Special Collection and Archives (Creative Commons)


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